The city of Van, located in the southeast extremity of Turkey is Interesting for its variety of sights available for the visitor to enjoy. It was one of the most important centers of the Urartu Kingdom; the capital of the Urartians was established a short distance from Van at Toprakkale. Van spreads out at the foot of art ancient citadel which rises high above the city. Nearby is the huge Lake Van, seven times larger than the Lake of Geneva, It is fine for swimming and water sports and is dotted with islands. Transportation across to the other side is available by ferries of the Turkish Maritime Bank.

History Of  Van : Ancient legend has it that Van was built during the reign of the Assyrian Queen Semiramie and was later enlarged by a local prince by the name of Van, in whose honor the city was eventually christened>>

Ruins Of Van : The sights of touristic interest are many and varied in Van. These include, first and foremost, the ancient citadel of the city, several fine mosques dating from the Seljuk settlement in the region, Toprakkale, which is the site of the Urartian capital, and a fantastic Armenian church…>>

Toprakkale: This is the site of the 8th century B.C. center of the Urartu civilization. It Is located a few kilometers down the Özalp road and occupies the summit of a hiii from where the view of Lake Van is magnificent…>>

Aghtamar Island: This small islet is reached by boat from the port of Gevaş, and the voyage takes about a half an hour…>>

Tatvan: This town is located an the promentory at the southwest end of Lake Van, from where you can board a ferryboat for a tour of the lake; the boot goes toward the north to Ahlat, Adllcevoz, and Erciş and south to Reşadiye. From Tatvan you can climb the Nemrut volcano for a view of the crater lake some three hundred meters below…>>

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