Strabo describes the location of Tralles as being on an elevated plateau with a stoep acropolis. Today the ruins of this once wealthy city can be seen on such a plateau above the present city of Ay-din. Unfortunately, there is. little to see there. In addition, the area is a military zone and special permission is needed to visit the site. This permission cap bs obtained from the vilayet office in Aydin.

History Of Tralles: The first historical mention of Tralles was in relation to “the. attempted reconquest by the Spartan general Thlbron of the Asian cities then in Persian hands. This battle took place in 400 B.C.. and Tralles remained invulnerable high atop her lofty perch…>>

Ruins Of Tralles: Excavations were carried out at Trolles in 1888 by C. Humann and in 1901 -03 by Etem Hamdl Bey. These excavations revealed some interesting features of the town and two artifacts, which are now In the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul, One of these reîics was a Raman copy of  6th Century B.C. Caryatid…>>

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