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This is the site of the 8th century B.C. center of the Urartu civilization. It Is located a few kilometers down the Özalp road and occupies the summit of a hiii from where the view of Lake Van is magnificent. A day of visiting this site will be one well spent. Excavations here have brought to light many admirable artifacts and interesting inscriptions. Going up to the fortress from a northwest direction, you first come across the fortress from building that was constructed of huge, well-cut stone blocks. This is thought to have been a temple. Steps were cut out of the side of the hill for easy access to the building, it is supposed that the temple was erected in honor of Haldls, the primary Urartian deity. Rock-cut steps can be seen at various points on the earth mound citadel. The fortress is surrounded by walls of large stone blocks from two to three meters thick. Several basalt statues were found In the buildings along with bilingual scripts in the Hittite hieroglyphic and Phoenician. Orthostats with bas-reliefs found at the site of Toprakkaled may be seen in the Archaeological Museum of Ankara.

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