The Korkud Mosque (The Truncated Minaret)

Among the religious buildings of the city there are some which are of great historical and architectural importance. One of them is the Cumanun (pronounced Djumanun) Mosque which is popularly known as the Korkud Mosque or the Kesik Minare. This was originally a Roman temple which was turned into a three-naved basilica during the IVth century. Repaired by the Byzantines during the V th, Vll th and Xll th centuries, it was turned into a mosque when Antalya came under the rule of the Seljuk Turks. Vllth and Xllth century materials’can be observed in various parts of this building. The gate shows llnd century workmanship. The altar In the eastern part of the building is covered by a dome built of stone. In the western part there is a cross-like structure at a corner of which the mfnaret is erected. The building underwent considerable repairs and alterations after being turned into a mosque, It was burnt in a big firs in 1896 together with all the dwellings around it, and is in a state of ruin at present.

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