The Houses

The architect of Priene was Pytheos, and the buildings conform to the rules of proportion and harmony known as Aristos principles. The houses of Priene were so well-built that even our large modern cities might envy them, and were endowed with every comfort even in the Hellenistic era. No house was without a bath, and the plentiful water supply was distributed to the bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. As many of the houses gave out onto somewhat dark streets, the doors and windows of the rooms opened out onto a central patio. They were thus able to get plenty of air and light from the patio, and keep out the noise of the street.
From one side of the patio one could enter the reception room, from the other side the private rooms. The inside walls were not laden with muilti-coloured decoration like those in Pompeii, but merely distempered in white. The doors were double-leafed, and the doorways paved with marble. Among the ruins of the houses were found marble reliefs, statues, and bronze and earthenware statues, together with many domestic articles of artistic value. It is believed that the people of Priene took pleasure in using only beautiful and elegant things, and had no place for ugly things in their houses. Four hundred of the houses excavated had tiled roofs.

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