The Grooved Mincret (The Alâeddin Mosque)

Another important building in the city fs the Alâeddin Mosque which is sometimes called the Grooved Minaret (Yivli Minare). We learn from the Inscriptions on the minaret that It was built during the reign of the Seljuk Sultan Alâeddin Keykubat (1219 -1238). The minaret, which rests on dressed stone blocks, is three meters to the east of the mosque. The upper parts of the minaret are round and built of brick with light blue enamelling on the outside, This slender and graceful grooved minaret, can be seen from everywhere in the town. The original mosque was built in its place in 1373 (F).

The mosque covers an area of 17×25 metres. The building which Is covered by six domes supported by 12 columns with different capitals is now being used as a muesum, Roman statues, architectural pieces, Seljuk Inscriptions and reliefs, and Roman, Seljuk and Ottoman coins can be seen there. Near the mosque are a theological school, a kitchen for the poor, and a tomb with a conical roof.

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