The Gate Of Hadrian

The city walls have various gates which are named according to their position e.g. the Tophane Gate, the Castle Gate, the Imaret Gate, the Orta Gate, etc. The most important of these, however, is the Gate of Hadrian which Is situated to the east of the city. It is sometimes called the Mermer (Marble) Gate, This marble gate between two towers, was built, as we learn from its Latin inscription, in memory of the Emperor Hadrian’s visit to the city in 130 A.D. The gate is buiit in three sections, the facade and the rear being very artistically designed with Corinthian columns, which ore no longer to be seen. Stone pedestals of pyramidal form are to be seen instead of the original ones, which are understood to have been of granite. There was a second storey above the gate where statues of the members of the Imperial family may have stood. We see, then, that during the long period of peace and prosperity which is known as Pax Romana, the city walls were no longer used as fortifications but as monuments. The same can be said about the gates of Perge and Side.The Gate of Hadrian was rebuilt by the Seljuks.


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