Sites Of Interest

The capital has a large and varied assortment of interesting spots for the visitor to see. The most important of these is the Museum of Archaeology  also known as the Hittite museum because of its excellent collection of Hittite relics and artifacts. This is found near the summit of Ankara’s Citadel, which dates to the Galatians. Other Important monuments and buildings are also located in the area of the Citadel. These include ruins dating from the Roman period, Seljuk and Ottoman mosques and the splendid monument to the founder of modern Turkey, Ataturk’s mausoleum or the Anıt Kabir. The city is divided into two major sections, the old city, which is centered around Ulus Square and the new city, which originally started out in the area of Kızılay Square, but which has grown proportionately in outward directions with the migration of new city-dweflers from parts elsewhere.

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