The ancient city of Side which is now called Old Antaiya is situated 5 kilometres to the south-west of the town of Manavgat, on a smalt and flat peninsula 300 meters wide and 800 meters long. This peninsula which is surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, constitutes, with the legacy of many civilizations, a very rich archeological treasure.

To reach Side from Antalya one has to take the AntaJya-Manav-gat road, and turn south just before Manavgat. First, a number of Byzantine ruins will be seen. A little further on, the Impressive walls of Side, and the ruins of the magnificent Theater will come to sight.

History Of Side : We have no exact knowledge of the date of the foundation of Side, which took Its name from a word meaning «pomegranate» in ancient Anatolian languages, Greeks who settled here in the Vifth century B.C. played an Important part In its development. Straho points aut that Side was colonized by Greeks from Cyme in Aeolia…>>

Ruins Of Side : Alt hough largely in ruins, the walls show Hellenistic. Roman and Byzantine features. Those sections which are towards the land are almost intact, while those along the sea have lost much of their original character owing to many repairs that they have undergone through the centuries…>>


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