Sardis – Salihli

Sardis, the capital of the ancient Kingdom’of Lydia, is located east of Izmir at the village of Sort, on the banks of the former Pactolus River. Follow route E-24 from Izmir to Turgutlu. then continue east to reach the turn off for Sort. The distance is roughly 160 kilometers from Izmir. This important city, planted in the fertile soil of the Hermos Valley was situated on the trade route that brought goods and materials from the Aegean and beyond into Asia. The city was heavily fortified and defended, and it played large roles both militarily and commercially In the history of the ancient world.

sardis map

History Of Sardis: Much of the early history of Sardis has come down to us in the form of mythology. This was the region of the Kings of Lydia, who are thought to have occupied the areo in the 12th century B.C. It is not known, however, whether or not there was already a settlement from an even earlier period in Sardis…>>

Ruins Of Sardis : Excavations were formally begun in 1914, under the auspices of Princeton University. The Temple of Artemis, that had been nearly completely covered over by landslides was dug out, as were other ancjent structures. Other American excavations were undertaken in 1958 by the American School of Oriental Research, and the missions were subsidized in 1968 by the American government. The most impressive of the city’s ruins is the temple. The stadium, though not fully excavated, Is in an excellent state of preservation. A large complex of Sardis’ remains have been excavated along the highway leading to the site…>>

Plans Of The Temple Of Artemis: The path to the acropolis will take you post sections of the Byzantine walls that were constructed from the remains of earlier buildings…>>


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