Ruins Of Tralles

Excavations were carried out at Trolles in 1888 by C. Humann and in 1901 -03 by Etem Hamdl Bey. These excavations revealed some interesting features of the town and two artifacts, which are now In the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul, One of these reîics was a Raman copy of q 6th Century B.C. Caryatid. This statue-column was of white marble. Another statue of the same material,  the Ephebus, represents a young man.

The Üc Gozler : Of the ruins still visible at the site, the Do Goz, as if. is called by the Turkish people of the area. Is the most extensive. The remains consist of three tall arches in a row, which were part of a gymnasium, dating from the late Roman period. The structure was built of stone blocks, mortar and brick, and was covered with stucco. The quality of the work was poor.

The Theater : Aside from thé Üç Gôz, there Is the site of a theater, which was excavated in 1888 and of which nothing much now remains. An interesting feature of the theater was that it had □n underground tunnel beneath the orchestra. This tunnel was apparently used to bring forth characters from the underworld. The site of the theater Is at the north end of the hilltop.

The Stadium Of the stadium, too, very little can be seen. It was built with the same materials as the gymnasium, and only an arched entryway remains. Excavations also revealed that there were temples on the site, but nothing remains of them. Though permission to see the site can be obtained, it may be hardly worth the trouble. At any rate, one should take a look at the Üç Gozler, which is visible from the bottom of the hill.

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