Ruins Of Kars

 The old and new sections of Kars stretch out on both sides of the river; these form the upper and lower levels of the town. There is an old bridge between these two points, connecting them, that dates to the Seljuk period of Turkish occupation. Armenian relics can be seen lining the roadway, including the Argtna’ Basilica that is from the 10th century. The Tiknla Castle ie also nearby. Arti Ruins, Some fifty kilometers out of Kars is found the site of Ani, the former capital of the Bagratid Kingdom of Armenia. The town was founded at the start of the 9th century, during the reign of Ashot Msaker, who was of the Bagratid dynasty. In 989

A.D., the Armenian King Sembat II started the construction of a cathedral, which was finished after his death, as well as many fine buildings. At the site, the walls of the ancient city can be seen; these date from the 10th century. Among the several churches In the town, the moat important is the CathBdrol. It y^os built to a restangular plan In the form of a cross. The walls are decorated with tall blind arcades with pointed arches, picked out by fine mouldings, and, originally, there was a cupola that rested atop the circular drum. This is now missing. The Church of Saint Gregory is on the eastern edge of the plateau, overlooking the gorge. This church is similar to the cathedral with is flat exterior walls and tall blind arcades. These are separated by slender double piilasters and topped with carving In the stone of a most intricate design. Near the church ore the remains of a Seljuk mosque that dates to the 12th century. An unusual feature of the mosque Is Its polygonal minaret. The mosque was built by the first Seljuk ruler of Ant, Manuchar.


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