Ruins Of Clazomenae

Little has been left untouched in the area of Clazomenae in the way of ruins and remains of the ancients. The causeway thought to have been built in the fourth century B.C. is stili In evidence alongside the modern one. This extends some seven hundred yards from the mainland. Submerged remains of the harbor on the west side and the ancient quay on the north end can be seen. The spot that was once a theater is found on the side of the north hill. The stones have since been removed. A cave, apparently used by the ancients for religious purposes, is located near the south-west comer, not far from the shore. This originally was composed of four chambers, but during excavations, all but one of them caved in.- The roof of the main chamber is about five feet high and is supported by columns out from the rock. A well is Inside which was probably the source of holy water. A site dated as having been inhabited before the Greeks Is found about a quarter of a mile to the left of the causeway. The low acropolis, supposedly dating to the Archaic period. is behind the Lirio village harbor at a distance of less than a mile

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