The development of Priene took place in the same period as that of Pergamum, Pergamum, with its many magnificent buildings and monuments and artistic masterpieces, situated on an uneven stretch oi high ground dominating valley and sea, was an arrogant royal city. Priene, however, built on a ridge overlooking its valley, the Meander River (now the Büyük Menderes), and beyond it the famous Ionian city of Miletus and Mt. Latmos, was never arrogant. But its inhabitants were justly proud of their independence. In spite of its small size, its elegance and maturity were the envy even of the greatest cities.

History Of Priene : It is thought that Priene was first founded in the tenth century B.C. by the Carians, who inhabited this region before the great Ionian migration. In the ninth century B.C. a group of immigrants from Greece conquered Priene with the help of the Ephesians. According to Strabo, the city was founded by Aipythus, son of the Athenian Neleus...>>

Ruins Of Priene : Priene, in the Hellenistic period  small city of 4,000 Inhabitants, Is situated near the village of Giiliubahce in the southwest of the district of Soke. It was discovered in the 19th century...>>

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