The ancient Plnara was one of the largest and most important cities in the Lycian League of States, according to the geographer and historian, Strabo. The other cities In this league were Xanthos, Tíos, Patara, Myra and Olympos. Pinora was established on the main road which ran through Lycia; this accounted for the city’s prosperity.


Like the other Lycian cities in the region, Pinara has a wealth of ancient funerary art in its well-preserved tombs and sarcophagi. The site has been abandoned by excavators for some time now and is quite overgrown with foliage, but the ruins are in a good state of preservation. The city was built between two hills. An Odeion is found ot the base of the smaller hill, and the scant remains of a small temple are near this. The theater is located on the side of the hill behind. This is of the Greek variety and is in good condition, fi^ok-out tombs dating to the Roman period may be seen in the southern port of the’city Several of these are very interesting with their elaborate carving and reliefs. One comprises a high, pointed arch that is crowned with the ears and horns of an ox.

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