Ruins Of Sardis

Excavations were formally begun in 1914, under the auspices of Princeton University. The Temple of Artemis, that had been nearly completely covered over by landslides was dug out, as were other ancjent structures. Other American excavations were undertaken in 1958 … Read More »


History Of Sardis

Much of the early history of Sardis has come down to us in the form of mythology. This was the region of the Kings of Lydia, who are thought to have occupied the areo in the 12th century B.C. It … Read More »


Ruins Of Pitane

Of the remains of the Aeolian Greeks In Pitane, little is to be found by the visitor, What did exist in former years has been devastated and plundered for the construction of later buildings. The castle and other structures at … Read More »


History Of Pitane

The city was a member of the league of eleven Aeolian cities that was formed shortly after the Greek settlement of Western Anatolia. The Aeolians, thought to have migrated from the northeastern part of Greece, established themselves above what was … Read More »


Heybeli Ada (Saddlebag Island)

This charming pine covered Island, with its three ruined monasteries, was used in Byzantine days as a place of exile many a nobleman and patriarch who meddled with politics was sent here, and Sir Edward Barton, first English ambassador to … Read More »


Burgaz Ada (Gr. Antigone Island)

The Greeks named this attractive island after Alexander’s General Antigonus, who came there in 298 B.C. The Turkish name probably comes from the Greek pyrgos, a tower, remains of which survive from a fort on the peak. Burgaz is covered … Read More »


Kinali Ada (Henna or Gr. Prote Island)

This small but pleasant island takes its name from the reddish rocks seen on the approach. The slopes are open or covered with undergrowth, and there is a little town on thé east and a cliff on the west. Lower, … Read More »


Anadolu Hisarı (The Castle of Anatolia)

On the right bank of the small Göksu (Byz. Aretas) river, the Castle of Anatolia wos built in 1395 by Sultan Bayezit I Yildirim (Lightning) after his triumph at Nicopoiis. Like his  grandson Mehmet II. Fatih, he was a great … Read More »


Kız Kulesi (The Maiden’s Tower)

There are two legends about this tower (date unknown). The first is that of Hero and Leander, who was drowned while swimming to join his beioved Hero. This is now agreed to have happened at Çanakkale, on the Hellespont, though … Read More »