Ruins Of Iassos

Temple of Artemis : This has not yet been located. It is known, however, that the cello was unroofed, leaving the goddess statue exposed to the elements. Temples with unroofed cellae are referred to as hypaethral. Temple-of Zeus : This … Read More »


History Of Iassos

The Greek foundation legend maintains that lassos wos founded by Peloponnesians from Argos. Opposed by the Carian inhabitants, the Argives were forced to call upon ihe son of Neleus, the founder of Miletus, for help. This resulted in an Influx … Read More »


History Of Priene

It is thought that Priene was first founded in the tenth century B.C. by the Carians, who inhabited this region before the great Ionian migration. In the ninth century B.C. a group of immigrants from Greece conquered Priene with the … Read More »


Ruins Of Priene

Priene, in the Hellenistic period a small city of 4,000 inhabitants, is situated near the village of Gullubahce in the southwest of the district of Soke. It was discovered in the 19th century. After the excavation of the English in … Read More »


Ruins Of Ephesus

From being one of the most famous cities in the Ancient World, its foundation in the realms of fable, Ephesus disappeared into darkness, it passed through ionic, Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Aydınoğulian and Ottoman times and in the end was … Read More »


Ruins Of Klaros

The location of the Temple of Apollo at Klaros was first established in 1826, when a tourist saw the tops of several columns sticking out of the ground. In 1907. the Istanbul Archeological Museum undertook preliminary excavations of Klaros, then … Read More »


History Of Klaros

Homer in the seventh century. Klaros never served as a city throughout its long history, but rather as a sanctuary to Apolio during the Hellenistic period, and as an important oracle and sanctuary during the Roman period. Since it was … Read More »


Ruins Of Tralles

Excavations were carried out at Trolles in 1888 by C. Humann and in 1901 -03 by Etem Hamdl Bey. These excavations revealed some interesting features of the town and two artifacts, which are now In the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul, … Read More »


History Of Tralles

The first historical mention of Tralles was in relation to the. attempted reconquest by the Spartan general Thlbron of the Asian cities then in Persian hands. This battle took place in 400 B.C. and Tralles remained invulnerable high atop her … Read More »


Plans Of The Temple Of Artemis

The Acropolis : The path to the acropolis will take you post sections of the Byzantine walls that were constructed from the remains of earlier buildings. Not much else remains of the citadel built by King Meles during the 9th … Read More »