History Of Xanthos

The origins of Xanthos go back to a very early date. It was ruled by the kings of Lycia until the Persian occupation in the second half of the 6th century B.C. It was twice destroyed by the Persians during … Read More »


Ruins Of Cnidus

The ruins of the ancient Dorian city are of considerable Importance as are those of other early occupations along the length of the promontory. In Cnidus, the remains of the two ports can be seen on either side of the … Read More »


History Of Cnidus

Cnidus was first colonized in the seventh century B.C. by emigrants from LacedemonJa led by Trlopas. The settlement was originally dedicated to the god Apollo and a temple was built in his name, The city was a member of the … Read More »


Ruins Of Keramos

The Walls: Not too long ago, the woII could be followed along its entire course. Now only a long section, high up on the rugged mountain in the east, and a part or tne riat ground on the south, can … Read More »


History Of Keramos

Very little of historical import Is known about Keramos. This is surprising considering her apparent size, Although the evidence is inconclusive, historians and archaeologists generally assume it was Cahan in origin. Remains of archaic Greek statuary indicate it was Hellenized … Read More »


Other Sites of Myndos

Pedasa Is found north of Bodrum at Gökçeler, hidden in among the pine trees. During the sixth century, the city was one of renown. It was able to sustain the strong attacks of the Persians. Herodotus noted that the city’s … Read More »


Ruins Of Myndos

The fortification wall is most impressive, being some nine feet thick at its widest point, with numerous watch towers along its length. Another wall, dating from the period of the Lelegian occupation of the peninsula can be seen beyond the … Read More »


History Of Myndos

After the Lelegian peoples lost their distinctive characteristics by mrngfing with later civilizations, the Carian King Mausolus, took the populations  of six of the eight  early  cities into  his capital at Halicarnassus. These were Termera,  Side,  not to be    confused … Read More »


Ruins Of Halicarnassus

The Mausoleum : One of the most famous of all the monuments in the ancient world was the tomb of King Mausolus. Construction was begun during the king’s reign, in the fourth century B.C., and finished after his death. Today, … Read More »


History Of Halicarnassus

Since the ancient historian Herodotus was a native of Halicarnassus much has come down to us today about the city’s past and traditions. He and Strabo of Amasva wrote that the first colonists were Dorians from Troezen, in the Peloponnesus … Read More »