Places Of Interest

From a tourist’s view point, one of the most interesting sights in Mersin is Silifke Caddesi, where the people from surrounding villages come to shop. The people themselves, with their healthy good looks, and gay, brightly colored costumes, are .a … Read More »


Ruins Of Silifke

Silifke Castle: In the 12th century at the time of the Lesser Armenian kingdom, the castle was constructed for the defence of the district against the Konya Seljuks. in the 15th century the castle was equipped with an Iron door. … Read More »


Ruins Of Alanya

Kızılkule (The Red Tower): This magnificent building Is situated at a point where the eastern coastal walls join the northern walls. This impressive fortress which is a genuine work of art was built by Ebu Ali, a weiPknown architect in … Read More »


Ruins Of Side

The Walls: Although largely in ruins, the walls show Hellenistic. Roman and Byzantine features. Those sections which are towards the land are almost intact, while those along the sea have lost much of their original character owing to many repairs … Read More »


History Of Side

We have no exact knowledge of the date of the foundation of Side, which took Its name from a word meaning «pomegranate» in ancient Anatolian languages, Greeks who settled here in the Vifth century B.C. played an Important part In … Read More »


The Grooved Mincret (The Alâeddin Mosque)

Another important building in the city fs the Alâeddin Mosque which is sometimes called the Grooved Minaret (Yivli Minare). We learn from the Inscriptions on the minaret that It was built during the reign of the Seljuk Sultan Alâeddin Keykubat … Read More »


The Korkud Mosque (The Truncated Minaret)

Among the religious buildings of the city there are some which are of great historical and architectural importance. One of them is the Cumanun (pronounced Djumanun) Mosque which is popularly known as the Korkud Mosque or the Kesik Minare. This … Read More »


The Gate Of Hadrian

The city walls have various gates which are named according to their position e.g. the Tophane Gate, the Castle Gate, the Imaret Gate, the Orta Gate, etc. The most important of these, however, is the Gate of Hadrian which Is … Read More »


Evliya Celebi

The well-known Turkish traveller who visited Antalya in 1671-72 mentions in his «Travels» that Antalya had fine walls 4400 paces long and had 80 towers. In 1884 when Graf Larckoronski, Nefman and Peterson visited the city the walls were still … Read More »


Ruins Of Xanthos

The site spills Into a narrow ravine and is spread out over the two sides here. It has been the subject of many archaeological expeditions, starting In 1838. Two funera! monuments are found in the western edge of the site, … Read More »