Ruins Of Alacahöyük

The most important or the extant remains of the Hittltes at Alacahoyuk is the Sphinx Gate, which marked the entrance to the Bronze Age city. This dates to the Hittite Empire period of 1450 -1180 B.C. The original orthostats that … Read More »


History Of Alacahöyük

The finds from the excavations ot Alacahöyük are representative of the Early Bronze Age period in Anatolia. The Middle Bronze Age Is documented at the site of Kültepe, and the Late Bronze Age at the Hittite capital, Hattusas or Boğazköy. … Read More »


Galleries And Reliefs

The rock-cut sanctuary consists of two galleries, referred to as the large and srnall galleries. The reliefs found In the large gallery consist of sixty-four figures, representing sixty-three separate deities of the Hittite pantheon. These were carved in the T3th … Read More »


Ruins Of Bogazköy

The first excavations at Boğazköy were begun in 1906 by Hugo Winckler and Theodore Makrldi, and were continued until 1912. They were resumed in 1931, and continue today. The first major discovery in the digs was that of the cuneiform … Read More »


History Of Bogazköy

The ancient Hittite capital is spread over, and spills into, a deep and rocky gorge, looking northward over a wide cultivated valley. The knowledge that we have about the Hittites has come almost exclusively from written records found at Boğazköy, … Read More »


Other Sights

Included among other sights of Interest in Ankara are Atatürk’s farm, his house, the old Parliament Building and the Ethnographic Museum. Atatürk Farm or Atatürk Orman Ciftliği is found five kilometers west of the city. Its biggest attraction is the … Read More »


Mausoleum of Atatürk

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s final resting piace, Anıt Kabir in Turkish, is one of Ankara’s most impressive monuments. It dominates the skyline of the city and was built In a Neo-classical style in 1953, taking eleven years in the process of completion. … Read More »


Mosques of Ankara

There are several mosques of Interest in Ankara. The Haci Bayram Mosque is right next to the Temple of Augustus.This conduction, built of yellow stone and brick, dates to the 15th century. The glazed tifes on the inside walls were … Read More »


Archaeological Museum

The museum is located in the aid han district of the old city. It is on the southern slope of the citadel hill in the refurbished buildings of an Ottoman han and bedistan these are the Kursunlu Han and the … Read More »


The Citadel Of Ankara

This is the most important and prominent of the monuments left over from the Byzantine Period. It is one of the best examples of Byzantine fortifications in existence. The citadel consists of an inner and an outer line of defensive … Read More »