Palace Of Ishak Pasha

The stangely fascinating complex of Ishak Pasha was constructed during the 17th century influenced by the Persian, Armenian, Georgian, Seljuk and Ottoman architectural forms. Restoration of the palace was undertaken in 1956. The palace layout Is typically Ottoman Turkish, comprising … Read More »


History Of Ararat Region

The peaks of Great Ararat, and the. Lesser Ararat, are the highest in Turkey. They have many legends attached to them including the one about Noah and his ark. According to ancient Anatolian mythology, the two peaks are two sisters … Read More »


Ruins Of Kars

 The old and new sections of Kars stretch out on both sides of the river; these form the upper and lower levels of the town. There is an old bridge between these two points, connecting them, that dates to the … Read More »


History Of Kars

This region belonged to Urartu from the years 1000 to 600 B.C. Invaded by the Scythians in 665 B.C., Kars became part of the Pontus Kingdom at one period, subsequently coming under the rule  of  the  Roman Empire. . It … Read More »


Citadel Of Trabzon

The citadel was built by the Byzantines and consists of three sections: the lower, central and inner castles. On the rocky hills of the lower castle stands a fortress of a more recent period named «the Beautiful Palace». The third … Read More »


History Of Trabzon

The city was founded in the 7th century B.C. by colonists from neighboring Sinop. During antiquity it was known as Trapezus. Trabzon become o Greek colony of some note during the 6th century B.C. It had turned back many invading … Read More »


Nevsehir’s Other Points Of Interest

Nevşehir Is the principal town of the area, and it is rather typical of the others with its houses of the local stone. An attrqction here Is the Seljuk castle that was reinforced during the period of the Ottomans. The … Read More »


Cappadocia’s Underground Cities

The spectacular subterranean city of Kaymaklı is a must for the visitor to Cappadocia, This is located a short distance to the south of Nevşehir and was cut out of the volcanic tuff during the period from the 6th to … Read More »


Sites Of Avcilar And Avanos

Avcılar is what used to be the See of Matyane  it is now a picturesque troglodyte village with family dwellings built right Into the rock formations. The village is famous for its onyx and possesses five churches, some of which … Read More »


Churches Of Göreme

The churches found in Göreme that have been carved out of the volcanic tuff rock formations and decorated with vivid frescoes should be your first priority In visiting Cappadocia. The main ones include the Apple Church, the Dark, Çarıklı and … Read More »