Philadelphia was probably founded on the site of a Lydian town. It was founded by Attala II Phllodelphus and named Philadelphia In his honour. The plain’s fertility was famous and the town was prosperous. It was devastated by the earthquakes … Read More »



The ruins of ancient Nysa lie a few kilometers beyond ths present village of Sultanhisar on the south slope of Mt. Jvlessogis. The site Is on the Izmir-Denizli highway, not far from Aydın, in the lovely valley of the Büyük … Read More »



Strabo describes the location of Tralles as being on an elevated plateau with a stoep acropolis. Today the ruins of this once wealthy city can be seen on such a plateau above the present city of Ay-din. Unfortunately, there is. … Read More »


Magnesia ad Sipylus (Manisa)

Magnesia ad Sipylus, once the capital of the Byzantine Empire ond a major city along the royal road to Izmir, is located some thirty miles northeast of Izmir at the foot of Mount Manisa Dagi in the present Turkish provincial … Read More »


Sardis – Salihli

Sardis, the capital of the ancient Kingdom’of Lydia, is located east of Izmir at the village of Sort, on the banks of the former Pactolus River. Follow route E-24 from Izmir to Turgutlu. then continue east to reach the turn … Read More »


Larisa – Buruncuk

Ancient Larisa, one of the twelve pities of the Aeolian League, was once one of the most important city centers of Aeolis. The area included the territory extending from Izmir to the Bay of Edremit. Plan Of Larisa A – … Read More »


Kyme – Izmir

Kyme, the most important af the Aeolian Confederacy cities, is located some forty kilometers south of Bergama, at the village of Namurt Limani. It was settled near the ancient Pythicos River, Koca Çay today, and enjoyed extreme prosperity from its … Read More »



The ancient site of Aigai, one of the twelve cities of Aeolis, is located some twenty miles north-west of Manisa. The ruins are impressive, but the journey is a tough one. It is accessible by Jeep from the coast road … Read More »



Myrina, considered one of the oldest towns of Aeolia, is found, in the district of Aiiaga, near the Aegean coast, not far from the ancient Kyme. The site is about thirty kilometers south of Bergamo, on the gulf formed by … Read More »


Pitane (Aeolis) Çandarlı

The site of ancient Pitane, noted more for its excellently pre-served Venetian castle than its ruins of the Greek period when the city held a place in the Aeolian Confederation, is o pleasant place to spend an afternoon by the … Read More »