The site of KJaros, near ancient Kolophon and just a few kilometers inland from Notion, is best located by driving south from Izmir to the town of Degirmendere. Klaros is another thirty or so kilometers to the south-east. The ancient … Read More »



The site of ancient Notion or Notion-by-the-sea is located south of Izmir, thirty kilometers from the town of Degirmendere. Notion served os a port to the Ionian city of Kolophon, and is situated just a few kilometers south of one … Read More »



Kolophon was one of the oldest and most Important cities af Ionia. It was situated on the coast of Asia, and its close position to the sea resulted in o strong noval fleet. The terrain of Kolophon was Weal for … Read More »



HISTORY OF LEBEDOS The city of Lebedos was newer one of great consequence because of its poor natural situation. Its harbor was not such that o heavy maritime industry could be developed. The important ports of Ephesus and Teos precluded … Read More »



HISTORY OF TEOS Tradition has it that the Minyans corning from Orchomonus In Boeotia founded the city of Teos. These early peoples were later followed by the lonians. The city was a member of the Panionium, which was the religious … Read More »



There is some uncertainty as to the location of the first city of Erythrae. One authority suggests it may have been moved to Its present location in the middle of the fourth century B.C., from the small peninsula of Kaiem … Read More »



A small island connected to the mainland by a raised causeway across the water, roughly twenty-five miles from Izmir, traveling south along the bay, is the Cfazomenae of ancient Ionia. It is included in the Panionian League of the twelve … Read More »



History Of Phocaea Phocaea is thought to have been settled during the lith century B.C., the initial period of Ionian movements Into Asia Minor. It was the most northern of the Ionian colonies, and was settled on land presented by the … Read More »



The first City of Smyrna was founded 5000 years ago (3000 B.C.) in Tepekule, Bayraklı. This city had a smail sheltered harbor and the houses were built on the rocks. Flourishing rapidly, it became one of the cultural centers of … Read More »



The modern town of Akhisar is on the site of old Thyateira It was originally a Lydian town and only took the name of Thyateira in the third century B.C. after being captured by Seleucus Nicotor. It became part of … Read More »