Remains of the Carian city of Alabanda lie south of Aydin, in the village of Araphisar. Take Highway 6, running between Aydin and Muğla, to Çine. The ruins are seven kilometers west of Cine. This location puts Alabanda    in ancient … Read More »



Alinda, near the site of ancient Alabanda, reveals some of what are thought to be the finest ruins to come out of Carian antiquity. The city has been identified out of a very unclear past by coins found at the … Read More »


Heraclea under Latmos

The site of ancient Heraclea, at the foot of the former Latmos mountains, the Bes Parmak of today, is located near the little town of Kapikiri. The city was ‘built on the waters edge of Lake Bafa, the former Gulf … Read More »


The Panionion

The spat known as the Panlonion of antiquity was the sacred meeting grounds of the twelve ionian cities. Here they staged their annual festival, Panionia, under the shadow of the ancient Mount Mycole, as well as various religious gatherings and … Read More »



A visit to the secluded site of ancient Ionian Myus, .nestled alongside the Meander River, can be □ most pleasant experience. This was ot one time a great port city on the Meander. It is located near the village of … Read More »


Didyma ( Didim )

The ancient Ionian sanctuary of Didyma lies about fifty kilometers south of Söke, near the village af Akköy. The Büyük Menderes, formerly the Meander River, runs into the sea just north of Didyma, and the ancient Miletus is nearby. The … Read More »


Miletus ( Milet )

The ancient Miletus is located beyond the Meander Valley, about forty kilometers from Söke,at the town of Balat. Not far from Miletus are the sites of Didyma and Priene. The deposits of silt from the Meander, the Büyük Menderes of … Read More »



The development of Priene took place in the same period as that of Pergamum, Pergamum, with its many magnificent buildings and monuments and artistic masterpieces, situated on an uneven stretch oi high ground dominating valley and sea, was an arrogant … Read More »


Magnesia on the Meander

Magnesia is a rare exception among towns founded by the Greeks during the eleventh century B.C. because of its inland location. Established by a colony of Aeolians on the plain in the confluence of the Lethaios (Naipler) with the Meander, … Read More »


Ephesus ( Efes )

Ephesus, representing many cultures of bygone epochs, is the most famous of the cities of Asia Minor, This fame arises from the role which it played in the history of religions and from the governmental and economic systems which It … Read More »