Aphrodisias was settled on the fertile plains of Eastern Caria just east of Aydın, the former Tralles, beneath the slopes of Baba Dağı mountain. Follow Route E-24 from Aydın to Kuyucak, then turn southward to reach the village of Geyre, … Read More »



The ancient Carlan city of Caunos Is found some thirty-five miles south of Muğla travelling along route six out of Muğla. The site is located between the villages of Köyceğiz and Dalyan, near a large artificial lake. This is linked … Read More »


Cnidus ( Knidos )

The ancient city of Cnidus, one of the six original Dorian cities and an important center of art and culture, is located at the end of the Datça Peninsula in the Boy of Kerme. If you are driving, take the … Read More »


Keramos ( Ören )

Because this site is so hard to get to, it is seldom visited, Keramos lies in a corner of an alluvia! plain or delta at the mouth of the Koca Çay The expansion of the delta since the time of … Read More »



The ruins- of the ancient Carian town of Myndos lie on the eastern point of the Bodrum peninsula at the village of Gümüşlük, it was. one of eight coastal cities founded by the Lelegians who occupied the area around Halicarnassus … Read More »


Halicarnassus ( Bodrum )

Halicarnassus, the principle center of ancient Caria, is located about eighty kilometers south of Milas at the present town of Bod rum. The site is surrounded by hills overlooking the Bay of Kerme, and includes the sixth-century B.C. tomb of … Read More »



Iasos or Iassos (Greek: Iασoς or Iασσoς), also in Latinized form Iasus, was an ancient Greek city in Caria located on the Gulf of Iasos (now called the Gulf of Güllük), opposite the modern town of Güllük, Turkey. It was … Read More »


Mylasa (Milas)

The ancient city of Myiasa, located at the present Turkish town of Milas, some forty miles to the west of Muğla, was a Carlan sanctuary joined with the neighboring religious center at Labranda. It was at one time considered the … Read More »



The ruins of Euromos are situated at Ayakli in close proximity to the road between Milas and Lake Bafa. Approaching them from the direction of Milas, they are on the east side. Sixteen temple columns mark the site. The city … Read More »



The site of Labranda, doting from the [ate Hellenistic period, is located in the Sodra Dağı Mountains, not far from Milas, former Mylasa, and about 110 kilometers northwest of Muğlcı. Take Highway 30 south from Söke to Milâs. Labranda is … Read More »