Termessos is one of the most attractive and best preserved archaeological sites in Turkey. Although mentioned in the ¡Iliad in connection with the legend of Bellerophon, Termessos first appears in history in 334 B.C. when Alexander the Great passed through … Read More »



Situated to the northwest of the gulf of the same name Antalya is, both historically and archaeologlcally, one of the most important cities of the Mediterranean area. The province has further importance in being one of the richest provinces of … Read More »



To the north of Cirali village, near the village of Tekirova is the ancient site of Phaselis. The city possessed three harbors and was known for its shipyards. The site is one of the most picturesque in Turkey. The city … Read More »



Homer referred to the fire-breathing monster that lived in Lycia and was known as the Chimaera. The monster was part lion, part goat and part snake; it was purportedly slain by the hero Bellero-phon, but its fire could never be … Read More »



The ancient city of Olympus was built along the banks of a swift-flowing stream which flows Into the sea. The city was referred to by Cicero in his writings as being full of riches and works of art. The site … Read More »



The ancient Lycian town of Umyra is interesting for its excellent monumental tombs dating from the 4th century B.C. The site is located a short distance to the north of Frnike at the village of Demi rcikoy, RUINS OF LIMYRA … Read More »



The ruins of the city of Myra are situated one mile north of Demre, a small town belonging to the district of Kaş. Demre can be reached by road from Kaş or by sea from Finike. There are motor boats … Read More »



HISTORY OF PATARA Patara flourished during the Roman period; it was the seat of the Roman governor to Lycia. The once famous port city noted for its beauty and for the oracle of Apollo there, which was productive only during … Read More »



The ancient city of Xanthos was the capital of the Lyclans, and today it offers some excellent examples of the famous rock-cut tombs of these early Anatolian people. It is situated on the banks of the Koca Cayi, the former … Read More »



The ancient Plnara was one of the largest and most important cities in the Lycian League of States, according to the geographer and historian, Strabo. The other cities In this league were Xanthos, Tíos, Patara, Myra and Olympos. Pinora was … Read More »