The site of Alacahöyuk is considered one of the most important of Anatolia’s archaeological discoveries. It was here that the Royal Graves dating to the Bronze Age were found. Alacahöyük is in the same general vicinity as the Hittite capital … Read More »



The reliefs found at the Hittite sanctuary of Yazilikaya    are   by far    the most interesting sculptures to come out of this    civilization both from an artistic and a religious point of view. This rock shrine Is in an excellent natural setting … Read More »



The study of ancient civilizations is often obscure, and the appreciation of the achievements of people who are represented to us today through only what they have left behind is often difficult, requiring considerable imagination even on the port of … Read More »



Nestled In a shallow basin high on the Central Anatolian Plain, Ankara exists as the pulse of the modern Turkish nation. It has been the capital of Turkey since the formation of the Republic under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal … Read More »



The chalk-white cliffs and formations of Pamukkale, «Cotton Castles in Turkish, mark the site of the ancient city of Hierapolis. The build-up, over thousands of years, of mineraf deposits carried by the natural hot springs of Hierapolis has resulted in … Read More »



Found seven kilometers from Pamukkale, the remains of Laod-iceia are situated on a hill three hundred meters in altitude. The location was a good one, being situated at the junction o.f the Meander valley and a major road leading to … Read More »


Midas City

The site of Midas City or Midas Şehri, in Turkish, is known for its abundance of rock-cut tombs and monuments that date from the period of the Phrygians. Midas City is located some ninety kilometers to the southeast of Eskişehir, … Read More »



The ancient capita! of the Phrygians, Gordion, is located about a hundred kilometers south of Ankara on the highway running between Ankara and Eskişehir. The heavily excavated site Is found some thirty kilometers northwest of the town of PolatlI. It … Read More »



The ancient site of Pessinus is found fifteen kilometers south af Sivrihisar, near Balhisar village. This is on the highway that runs from Ankara to Eskişehir, about 130 kilometers’jt of Ankara, it was famous for its great Sanctuary to the … Read More »


Commagene At Nemrud Dag

This Hellenistic site is near Mount Nemrut or Nemrud Dağı, in the vicinity of Adıyaman in southeastern Anatolia.. Also to be seen here is the famous Antiochus sepulchral monument on the mountain The site of Arsemia ad Nymphoios is located … Read More »