Rumeli Hisarı (The Castle of Europe)

In the narrowest part of the Bosphorus, the spot where Darius the Persian crossed in 500 B.C. with an army of 700,000 men on a pontoon bridge, Fatih built this defensive and offensive castle in 1452 to consolidate his control … Read More »


Ruins of The Acropolis

The Altar of Zeus: Only the foundations of this famous building can now be seen. It was built during the period 180 -160 B.C. by Eumenes II, King of Pergomum. The outer walls were decorated with reliefs depicting scenes of … Read More »


Ruins of Asclepieum

The Sacred Way, which is one kilometer long, begins from the Ruined Gate and leads to the Asclepieum. Patients and visitors reaching the propyiaeum would proceed from here to the large square which was surrounded by gaiieries on the three … Read More »


Troy Culture Layers

The investigations of Schliemann and Dôrpfeld and the modern, well-planned excavations of the Cincinnati Group under Professor Biegen proved that Troy-consisted of 9 different culture layers, TROY 1: 3200 – 2600 A.D The oldest Troy settlement was built on rock … Read More »


Schuemann’s Excavations

A) Grave of Aesyetes To the south, on the road going from Hisarlık to Akçaköy, this place is now known as Pasha Tepe. In the llliad this is mentioned as the observation point of Polites of Troy, During excavations, rock … Read More »


Islands Of Istanbul

There are nine islands in the Sea of Marmara to the southeast of Istanbul, the Demonesla (People’s islands) and Papadonesia (Priests’ Islands) of former days. Four of them-in order from the Istanbul approach, Krnaif, Burgaz, Heybeli and Büyük Ada, are … Read More »



Counted as the,crowning beauty-of Istanbul, the Bosphorus is remarkable for the sheer extent of its beauty: if we cruise along it, every mile reveals new enchantment, new beauty, new romance. Harmonising with the natural beauties, the waterside villas seem almost … Read More »


Beyoglu Istanbul

Beyoğlu (Gr. Pera) : This is situated on the high ground north of the Golden Horn, and grew up gradually among the vineyards with which the hills were once covered, and developed as the European and diplomatic quarter. It is … Read More »


Walls of Istanbul

Upparalleled in situation, beauty and dignified strength, these walls were built by the Byzantine emperors, who attached great importance to their strength and maintenance; for Byzantium, with her untold wealth and beauty, attracted the ambition of many Invaders, among whom … Read More »


Tour of Istanbul

The most striking characteristic of both old and new Istanbul is the silhouette of domes and minarets against the sky. Looking across Galata Bridge (which connects Beyoğlu and Old Istanbul), the view is dominated by the Yeni Cami (New Mosque or … Read More »