Other Sites of Myndos

Pedasa Is found north of Bodrum at Gökçeler, hidden in among the pine trees. During the sixth century, the city was one of renown. It was able to sustain the strong attacks of the Persians. Herodotus noted that the city’s priestess was In the habit of growing a beard whenever Pedasa an countered any outside danger. He said this was purported to have happened several times in the city’s history. During the time of the Delian Confederacy, the Pedasans were forced to pay a higher tax than the residents of Halicarnassus, it is thought that King Mausolus maintained Pedasa, even after he depopulated it, as a military outpost. The ruins at the site are numerous and reasonably well-preserved. The masonary and architecture is after the Lelegian fashion with the use of large stone blocks. Foundations of buildings can be seen within the wailed enclosure in the area of the citadel. Also to be seen in the area are several chamber tombs that have been dated to the eighth century B.C.

Telnnissus was located only a few miles from King Mausolus’ Carian capital of Halicarnassus; in ancient measurements, it was a distance of sixty stades which is approximately seven miles. Tel-messus was famous in the area for the oracle that lay within her confines and for the Temple of Apollo erected there. The religious aspects of the town were maintained by a small community after Mausolus removed the inhabitants to the capital. Legend has it that the Phrygian King Midas was born of parents that lived in Telmlssus. His mother was one of the priestly order attached to the temple. The site of the ancient town is thought to be that found above the village of Gurice, not far from Bodrum, The acropolis offers the visitor some interesting ruins including the remains of the fortifications, a tower and several tombs.

Termera was the chief city of the Lelegian towns before the new Myndos was created by the Carian king. The site is found above the village of Cesmebasf where Strabo described it, across from the island of Cos, above the Scondaria peninsula. The ruins consist of the remains of a fortified acropolis with building faun-dations, a cistorn, and several tombs, Madnasa is found above the Bay of Tiirkbiiku and has many ruins for the visitor.

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