Myrina, considered one of the oldest towns of Aeolia, is found, in the district of Aiiaga, near the Aegean coast, not far from the ancient Kyme. The site is about thirty kilometers south of Bergamo, on the gulf formed by the Guzelhisar Qoyi, formerly Pythicus River, Myrina Is noted for its vast necropolis which dates to the Hellenistic period. Here thousands of tombs and burial vaults were excavated in the last century.

History Of Myrina : Most of the history learned about Myrina has come down in the form of mythology and legend. It appears that the site was visited by the Amazon armies during a great seige and conquest of Asia Minor, and that the Amazon queen, Myrina, gave her name to the Greek colony…>>

Ruins Of MyrinaVery little remains of the ancient city today, unfortunately. Myrina was built upon two hills known as Kato and Epano. The city’s acropolis occupied the latter…>>


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