The ruins- of the ancient Carian town of Myndos lie on the eastern point of the Bodrum peninsula at the village of Gümüşlük, it was. one of eight coastal cities founded by the Lelegians who occupied the area around Halicarnassus before the Carians appeared. The distinctive architectural style of the Lefegians can be seen at several sites on the peninsula.

History Of Myndos : After the Lelegian peoples lost their distinctive characteristics by mrngfing with later civilizations, the Carian King Mausolus, took the populations   of six of the eight    early    cities into    his capital at Halicarnassus…>>

Ruins Of  Myndos : The fortification wall is most impressive, being some nine feet thick at its widest point, with numerous watch towers along its length. Another wall, dating from the period of the Lelegian occupation of the peninsula can be seen beyond the double harbor point…>>

Other Sites of Myndos : Pedasa Is found north of Bodrum at Gökçeler, hidden in among the pine trees. During the sixth century, the city was one of renown. It was able to sustain the strong attacks of the Persians. Herodotus noted that the city’s priestess was In the habit of growing a beard whenever Pedasa an countered any outside danger…>>



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