Mosques of Ankara

There are several mosques of Interest in Ankara. The Haci Bayram Mosque is right next to the Temple of Augustus.This conduction, built of yellow stone and brick, dates to the 15th century. The glazed tifes on the inside walls were made in Kütahya at a later date. The door of the mosque is on display in the Ethnographic Museum. The Arslanhane Masque was built at the beginning of the 13th century. It was constructed from the remains of Roman and Byzantine buildings.  Beside .the mosque is the tomb, or türbe, af an Ottoman religious leader. The Arslanhane Mosque, also called the Ahi Şerafeddln Camii, was one Ankara’s most famous early monuments and was, at one time, the city’s major mosque. The mosque’s Intricate interior woodwork is in excellent condition. The mimber is inscribed with the date 1289. Another Ottoman mosque of Interest is the Ahi Elvan Camii. This was constructed in the 14th century the dote on the mimber is 1413-1414. It is rectangular in shape and has columns with ancient capitals, Two modern mosques of Interest are the Maltepe and Kocatepe Mosques. They ore both found in the districts of the same name. The newer one, the Kocatepe Mosque, will be the largest one in Turkey after its completion. The construction work was begun in 1963, but due to various delays, work. Is still going on. The cost of the mosque will be seven million dollars. The floor area of the Kocatepe Mosque is twice the size of the 17th-century masterpiece of Ottoman art, Istanbul’s Blue Mosque it measures more than 3000 sq. it. The four minorets each extend to a height of 270 feet.

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