Mersin is situated on the Mediterranean Sea. From its surrounding orange, lemon, and barana groves go fruit to all parts of Turkey, and to European countries The abundant vegetables from the gardens are incomparable in size, variety and taste. Along the sea in Mersin, there is a pleasant promenade lined with paim trees; open air resiaruants, and “gazinos” Mersin’s diverse population, and the presence of foreign building companies give it a cosmopolitan otmosphere not matched by other cities in Çukurova.

Within the last few years rail facilities and modern highways have transformed Mersin into an important commercial center. It has a fine harbor capable of anchoring 40 one-hundred-ton ships and 10 smaller ships, at the same time. The largest wheat siio in Turkey is at Mersin harbor.

In the 19th century Mersin was only a small village on the shore, and took its name from the Mersinoğlu tribe, Turkomen who settled in the area. Some scholars are of the opinion that ancient Zephyrium-was at the site of modern Mersin, but of this there is little or no evidence. There are two mosaues and several churches in Mersin but none of them is old, historic, or distinguished in architecture.


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