Iasos or Iassos (Greek: Iασoς or Iασσoς), also in Latinized form Iasus, was an ancient Greek city in Caria located on the Gulf of Iasos (now called the Gulf of Güllük), opposite the modern town of Güllük, Turkey. It was originally on an island, but is now connected to the mainland. It is located in the Milas ( Mylasa ) district of Muğla Province, Turkey, near the Alevi village of Kıyıkışlacık, about 31 km from the center of Milas ( Mylasa ) .

History Of  Iassos : The Greek foundation legend maintains that lassos wos founded by Peloponnesians from Argos. Opposed by the Carian inhabitants, the Argives were forced to call upon ihe son of Neleus, the founder of Miletus, for help. This resulted in an Influx of Milesians into the city this had the consequence that the city became Carian rather than Dorian in character…>>

Ruins Of Iassos : Temple of Artemis  This has not yet been located. It is known, however, that the cello was unroofed, leaving the goddess statue exposed to the elements. Temples with unroofed cellae are referred to as hypaethral…>>



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