Found seven kilometers from Pamukkale, the remains of Laod-iceia are situated on a hill three hundred meters in altitude. The location was a good one, being situated at the junction o.f the Meander valley and a major road leading to Pisldea and the coast. Also in this region is the Lyceus River, a major tributary of the Meander. The city was flanked by the Asopus and Coprus rivers as well. This generous supply of water and travel routes probably accounted in large part for the prosperity that Laodicela, as well as her neighbor cities of Hieropolis and Cofossae, obtained. The only major disadvantage of an otherwise excellent locale was that the city lay on a major earthquake belt, and was much troubled by frequent tremors.

History Of Laodicea : According to the writings of Pliny the Younger, the city was built on the site of the village of Diaspolis. This is disputed, however, and is not generally believed to be true by authorities…>>

Ruins Of Laodicea : Relatively little excavation has been carried out at the site. The ruins are found on a relatively flat-topped hill six miles south of Hieropolis and ten miles west-north-west of Colossae…>>

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