The site of KJaros, near ancient Kolophon and just a few kilometers inland from Notion, is best located by driving south from Izmir to the town of Degirmendere. Klaros is another thirty or so kilometers to the south-east. The ancient site was situated on a small, level plain, inside the area of Ionian Kolophon, and existed as an Important religious center through the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

History Of Klaros : The earliest history of Klaros has not been well established, but mention of its Temple of Apollo was made by Homer in the seventh century. Klaros never served as a city throughout its long history, but rather as a sanctuary to Apolio during the Hellenistic period, and as an important oracle and sanctuary during the Roman period...>>

Ruins Of Klaros : The location of the Temple of Apollo at Klaros was first established in 1826, when a tourist saw the tops of several columns sticking out of the ground. In 1907. the Istanbul Archeological Museum undertook preliminary excavations of Klaros, then abandoned the digs…>>


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