Kız Kulesi (The Maiden’s Tower)

There are two legends about this tower (date unknown). The first is that of Hero and Leander, who was drowned while swimming to join his beioved Hero. This is now agreed to have happened at Çanakkale, on the Hellespont, though it may have occurred at any of the towers dotting the coast in Byzantine times. The other is that Constantins the Great, prompted by a prophesy that his daughter would die öf snake-bite, built a tower here to protect her. She grew up, her beauty became renowned, and an officer of the palace fell in love with her ond sent her some beoufiful flowers. The princess was bitten by a snake hidden among them, and saved only at the last moment by the prince, who sucked out the poison. The present tower was built by Manuel Comnenus (1143-80), as part of a defensive system stretching from Istanbul to Galata.

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