Keramos ( Ören )

Because this site is so hard to get to, it is seldom visited, Keramos lies in a corner of an alluvia! plain or delta at the mouth of the Koca Çay The expansion of the delta since the time of the ancients has resulted In the burial of the lower parts of the wall which stands _on flat ground. Measurement of the rate at which alluvial deposite ore laid down suggests that Ceramos stood originally on or near the sea. It can be reached by a thirty mile jeep ride  from  Milas. Alternatively, it can be approached by boat from Bods  rurrf. The name Gereme, which is currently applied to the surround ing territory, is derived from the ancient name of Keramos. the village Ören, meaning ruins stands nearby,

History Of Keramos : Very little of historical import Is known about Keramos. This is surprising considering her apparent size, Although the evidence is inconclusive, historians and archaeologists generally assume it was Cahan in origin. Remains of archaic Greek statuary indicate it was Hellenized by I he 6th century…>>

Ruins Of Keramos : The Walls Not too long ago, the woII could be followed along its entire course. Now only a long section, high up on the rugged mountain in the east, and a part or tne riat ground on the south, can be seen, A portion of the woi was constructed with polygonal is, masonry using grey limestone…>>

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