Islands Of Istanbul

There are nine islands in the Sea of Marmara to the southeast of Istanbul, the Demonesla (People’s islands) and Papadonesia (Priests’ Islands) of former days. Four of them-in order from the Istanbul approach, Krnaif, Burgaz, Heybeli and Büyük Ada, are inhabited, 2 are considered useless and 3 are too small to be inhabited.

During the decline of Byzantium, fallen Emperors and dignitaries were confined, blinded and with shaven heads, in the monasteries and convents. The islands are now a popular residential area and summer resort. They may be reached by boat from the Galata Bridge: for the best view the luxury class is the best.

Kınalı Ada (Henna or Gr. Prote Island) : This small but pleasant island takes its name from the reddish rocks seen on the approach. The slopes are open or covered with… >>

Burgaz Ada (Gr. Antigone Island) : The Greeks named this attractive island after Alexander’s General Antigonus, who came there in 298 B.C. The Turkish name probably comes from… >>

Heybeli Ada (Saddlebag Island) : This charming pine-covered Island, with its three ruined monasteries, was used in Byzantine days… >>

Büyük Ada (Big Island or Gr. Prinkipo Island) : In the sixth century the Emperor Justin il built o palace and o monastery here. The convent, now ruined, is also of that period. The monastery was… >>

The Uninhabited Islands: The first two are Sivri (Sharp) (Gr. Oxya), conical in shape, with some remains of convents, former places of exile, and Yassı (Flat) (Gr. Platy), also with a ruined 11th century monastery used for the same purpose. Owing to violent currents, both ore better approached by motorboat. Beyond Büyük Ada is Tavşan (Rabbit) Island, where rabbits were bred in the 19th century. The Patriarch Theodore was banished here in 1183 by Andronicus Commenus. There is also a Byzantine tomb. Finally, beyond Tovşan. is the islet of Neandros.

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