History Of Kars

This region belonged to Urartu from the years 1000 to 600 B.C. Invaded by the Scythians in 665 B.C., Kars became part of the Pontus Kingdom at one period, subsequently coming under the rule  of  the  Roman Empire. .
It passed into the    handsvof the Sassanids in the  5th century A.D., after which It was  taken by the Byzantines. In 1068, the town was captured by Sultan Afpars-lan of the Seljuk Turks. Kars subsequently became part of the Saltukoguilari Emirate, and later was ruled by the ilhanif, Karakoyunlu and the Akkoyunlu, In the 16th century, Sultan Selim the Grim made Kars and Its surroundings part of Ottoman territory. The name Kars dates back to 130 B.C., and was given fay the Turco-Bulgarlan tribe colled the Korsaks, There Is no other place In Turkey that carries a Turkish name more ancient than Kars. Townspeople witnessing the heroism of Turkish troaps, it is said, when they beseiged the city, decided to call it Kars

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