The ancient capita! of the Phrygians, Gordion, is located about a hundred kilometers south of Ankara on the highway running between Ankara and Eskişehir. The heavily excavated site Is found some thirty kilometers northwest of the town of PolatlI. It was built near the convergence of the Sakarya and the Porsuk Rivers somötime during the 9th and 8th centuries B.C. The Phrygians, known in antiquity as the Sea Peoples, assumed the role that the Hittites had enjoyed prior to this period.

History Of Gordion : It has been surmised that the Phrygians started □ slow movement to the area in which Gordion is situated shortly after the collapse of the Hittlte Empire. The ‘site appears to have been inhabited much earlier artifacts dating to the early Bronze Age in Anatolia have been uncovered there…>>

Ruins Of Gordion : During the time that Gordion served as the capita! of the Phrygian kingdom, it consisted of a fortified administrative center containing the palace of the king, workshops, a market, and barracks for a garrison…>>

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