Evliya Celebi

The well-known Turkish traveller who visited Antalya in 1671-72 mentions in his «Travels» that Antalya had fine walls 4400 paces long and had 80 towers. In 1884 when Graf Larckoronski, Nefman and Peterson visited the city the walls were still standing. Very little of this system of fortifications remains today. Several towers in the city, one of which is used as as clock tower, the sections on both sides of the Gate of Hadrian, the Hidirlik Tower dominating the city, and some remains of the sea walls are about alt that remain from these walls.

The Hidirlik Tower This tower which is situated at the south eastern corner of the wails by the sea is a large monument decorating modern Antalya. This Roman monument, 14 metres high lnd century A.D.J rests on large square blocks of dressed stone. The upper part of the structure is round. In the lower part there Is a small entrance leading to a rather large chamber. The upper part is surrounded by a balcony-like structure which suggests that the tower may have been used for the purpose of observation. This is the best-preserved tower of the city’s fortifications. We do not, however, know exactly what it was used for.

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