Ephesus ( Efes )

Ephesus, representing many cultures of bygone epochs, is the most famous of the cities of Asia Minor, This fame arises from the role which it played in the history of religions and from the governmental and economic systems which It established and developed and finally Trom its place in the growth of various branches of the fine arts. The Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World and, many believe, the most brilliant one, become one of the centers of the pagan world for fifteen centuries.

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Ephesus with the churches erected to the memory of St. John and St. Paul who successfully maintained the doctrines of Christ against paganism in this famous city, and to the memory of the Virgin Mary, gained an important place in terms of Christianity and became the center of religion and culture at that time. The superiority of Ephesus in the economic field lies in the fact that it is at the junction of ¡and and sea ways of trade and has a commanding geographic position between the three continents. Following the invention of money, the first bank to operate in the modern sense was established at Ephesus. The industrious townspeople, having attained their fortunes by their financial and economic wizardry, later gave close attention, effort and wealth to the fine arts. The works depicting Artemislan festivals of music, dancing and theater written by the ancient writers attract attention, even today.

The people of Ephesus created masterpieces especially in the fiefd of architecture, characterizing the periods in which they lived: Ionian, Hellenistic, Roman. Seljuk and Aydinojjullori periods. These works, with the support of the Turkish Government, are gradually being excavated. Next to the pagan and Christian works unearthed, which one observes with mixed surprise and excitement, the fine examples of Turkish – Islamic art representing the latest period of Ephesus attact the attention of the tourist. And here it should be noted that Ephesus has suffered not only from many wars in history but also from many earthquakes. And it is for these reasons that these relics lie In ruins. In the latter port of the 19th century with the discover^ of the dwelling place of the Holy Virgin Mary where she spent her * lost years, Ephesus gained an important and sacred role in the Christian world. In addition to the many visitors to the ceremonies held here every August, thousands visit this sacred place at oil seasons of the year,

Ruins Of Ephesus : From being one of the most famous cities in the Ancient World, its foundation in the realms of fable, Ephesus disappeared into darkness, it passed through ionic, Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Aydınoğulian and Ottoman times and in the end was swallowed up with other dead cities…>>


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