Dogu Beyazıt And Mount Ararat

The town of Doğu Beyazit is famous for its lovely examples of Ottoman art, most especially the Ishak’Pasha Palace and mosque. Doğu Beyazit Is located in eastern Turkey, near the city of Ağrı. This is the vicinity of the Mount Ararat which rises    to  a  height    of 5,165 meters; its smotler peak to 3,925 meters.

History Of Ararat Region : The peaks of Great Ararat, and the. Lesser Ararat, are the highest in Turkey. They have many legends attached to them including the one about Noah and his ark…>>

Palace Of Ishak Pasha : The stangely fascinating complex of Ishak Pasha was constructed during the 17th century influenced by the Persian, Armenian, Georgian, Seljuk and Ottoman architectural forms. Restoration of the palace was undertaken in 1956…>>

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