Cnidus ( Knidos )

The ancient city of Cnidus, one of the six original Dorian cities and an important center of art and culture, is located at the end of the Datça Peninsula in the Boy of Kerme. If you are driving, take the road leading from Muğla, the Turkish provincial center, to Marmaris, ancient Physeus, a lovely, wooded seaside resort in the southwest corner of Turkey. This road continues to the center of the promontory through Datça, ten miles, and thgri twenty more miles to the site of Cnidus at Cape Tropium of old. Since the road is a poor ane and the driving tedious, to say the least, I would advise you to start your expedition to Cnidus from Bodrum. There you can easily find a boat in the summer tourist season that is bound for the ancient site. The price is quite reasonable.

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History Of Cnidus : Cnidus was first colonized in the seventh century B.C. by emigrants from LacedemonJa led by Trlopas. The settlement was originally dedicated to the god Apollo and a temple was built in his name, The city was a member of the Dorian hexapolis, ono of the most Important, making up the league of six west coast cities…>>

Ruins Of Cnidus The ruins of the ancient Dorian city are of considerable Importance as are those of other early occupations along the length of the promontory. In Cnidus, the remains of the two ports can be seen on either side of the causeway; the larger harbor is on the east, the smaller on the west>>


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