A small island connected to the mainland by a raised causeway across the water, roughly twenty-five miles from Izmir, traveling south along the bay, is the Cfazomenae of ancient Ionia. It is included in the Panionian League of the twelve organized cities of Ionia as cited by Herodotus and is thought to have been settled in the ninth or tenth century B.C. Throughout history, the territory of Clazomenae has. been known for the purgative quality of its magnesium springs: The visitor to the area can find facilities to enjoy refreshing bathing to help recover from the summer heat ant) dust of the road. Take the road toward Çeşme from Izmir. The island is found near the village of Urla. Its Turkish name, token after the original is Klazumen.

History Of  ClazomenaeThe Clazomenians, coming from and under the sponsorship of Athens, as were the rest of the Ionian settlers of Asia Minor, first built their city on the mainland. The exact spot of the original site is not clear, however…>>

Ruins Of  Clazomenae Little has been left untouched in the area of Clazomenae in the way of ruins and remains of the ancients. The causeway thought to have been built in the fourth century B.C. is stili In evidence alongside the modern one…>>


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