The study of ancient civilizations is often obscure, and the appreciation of the achievements of people who are represented to us today through only what they have left behind is often difficult, requiring considerable imagination even on the port of professional archaeologists, let alone the average tourist. A visit to the site of the ancient Hittite capital of Hattusas, however, with Its ruined temples and palaces, monumental sculptures and the four-mile-long circuit of its ponderously constructed walls cannot fall to leave one with the conviction that this city was once the cradle and home of a great imperial people. The site is at the village of Boğazköy, laid out over a terrace and a large crag that rises above the area, Boğazköy Is located In the vicinity of Sungurlu, to the northeast of Ankara at a distance of about 180 kilometers. Turn right off the new Corum road just after passing Sungurlu to reach the site,

History Of Boğazköy : The ancient Hittite capital is spread over, and spills into, a deep and rocky gorge, looking northward over a wide cultivated valley…>>

Ruins Of Boğazköy : The first excavations at Boğazköy were begun in 1906 by Hugo Winckler and Theodore Makrldi, and were continued until 1912. They were resumed in 1931, and continue today…>>


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