Halicarnassus ( Bodrum )

Halicarnassus, the principle center of ancient Caria, is located about eighty kilometers south of Milas at the present town of Bod rum. The site is surrounded by hills overlooking the Bay of Kerme, and includes the sixth-century B.C. tomb of King Mausolus one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Also of special interest is the museum which contains artifacts from various periods of antiquity.

History Of  Halicarnassus : Since the ancient historian Herodotus was a native of Halicarnassus much has come down to us today about the city’s past and traditions. He and Strabo of Amasva wrote that the first colonists were Dorians from Troezen, in the Peloponnesus led toy the son of Poseidon…>>

Ruins Of Halicarnassus : The Mausoleum  One of the most famous of all the monuments in the ancient world was the tomb of King Mausolus…>>


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