Anatolia Cities



Adana is a very old city dating- from the Hitttie. Apparently, the earliest Inhabitants were a native Ciiician people, comtemporcry with the Hittites, and may have been the Danunians mentioned in the inscriptions ot Karatepe. Also suggested by scholars is … Read More »



Tarsus is one of the most ancient cities of Asia Minor. Because of its fine natural harbor, now silted up, and its proximity to the Cilician Gates, it has been continuously inhabited for thousands of years. Tarsus figures in Greek … Read More »



Mersin is situated on the Mediterranean Sea. From its surrounding orange, lemon, and barana groves go fruit to all parts of Turkey, and to European countries The abundant vegetables from the gardens are incomparable in size, variety and taste. Along … Read More »



From Silifke there is a rough road to the town of Uzuncoburç [High Tower) where the ruins of Diocaesarea and Olba are. Along the route there are tombs, stone sarcophagi, and temple-tombs some of which hove beautiful columns with Corinthian … Read More »



The name of Seleucia is given, to the mountainous country stretching from Pompeiopolts to Anamur. The center of this district is present-day Silifke. Seleucus I Nikator, Alexander the Great’s military commander of the kingdoms of Syria and Asia Minor in … Read More »



Anomtir is 241 kilometers from Mersin over a road which offers some of the most spectacularly beautiful scenery In Turkey. Most of the route follows the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, The castle of Anamur is medieval in appearance ond’was … Read More »



Alanya (ancient Korckesion] which fe 168 kms. to the east of Antalya is situated on a rocky peninsula. With Its unique defensive position and well-sheltered harbour, the city played an important role during the Hellenistic period and served as a … Read More »



The ancient city of Side which is now called Old Antaiya is situated 5 kilometres to the south-west of the town of Manavgat, on a smalt and flat peninsula 300 meters wide and 800 meters long. This peninsula which is … Read More »



Aspendos, which is one of the most illustrious of the ancient cities of Pamphyiia, is situated 46 Kms, to the east-of Antalya an the stream called Eurymedon (Kopriicay), not very far from the present-day village of Beikis, Bulit as a … Read More »



The ruins of the ancient city of Perge are 18 kms, to the northeast of Antalya, near the present day Aksu Teachers’ Training College. Owing to the fact that it was situated at the junction of many roads crossing the … Read More »