The site of Alacahöyuk is considered one of the most important of Anatolia’s archaeological discoveries. It was here that the Royal Graves dating to the Bronze Age were found. Alacahöyük is in the same general vicinity as the Hittite capital at Boğazköy. To reach the mound of Alacağ turn off the road to Boğazköy, to the left, just before reaching the village.

History Of Alacahöyük : The finds from the excavations ot Alacahöyük are representative of the Early Bronze Age period in Anatolia. The Middle Bronze Age Is documented at the site of Kültepe, and the Late Bronze Age at the Hittite capital, Hattusas or Boğazköy…>>

Ruins Of Alacahöyük : The most important or the extant remains of the Hittltes at Alacahoyuk is the Sphinx Gate, which marked the entrance to the Bronze Age city. This dates to the Hittite Empire period of 1450 -1180 B.C…>>

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